Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Run Your Social Media on Autopilot

We’ve built a social media real estate strategy that leverages the most popular platforms to connect agents with clients. The best part? You can set it and forget it. We'll notify you when you need to take action! See Pricing
A complete social media strategy

Three Accounts - One Unified Message

Cold-calling and door-knocking simply won’t cut it anymore. Today, most networking takes place online through social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Businesses need a strong social presence but it's a lot of work! That's where PropertySimple comes in.
  • Facebook

    We deliver valuable content to your friends and family at optimized times through posts your Facebook Business Page.

  • Twitter

    Keep up with Twitter's fast moving news feed by choosing to post between 2 and 6 times per day.

  • LinkedIn

    Don't forget your professional circle, because we sure didn't! Your PropertySimple posts will also extend to your LinkedIn network.

Keep up with the big guys

How Do Our Social Media Tools Work?

  • Our system provides powerful social media marketing for realtors

    Post Valuable Content

    Our system provides you with interesting and relevant real estate content including Collections, articles, your listings, your profile, and your Video Business Card.

  • Manage your scheduled content sharing with our social media marketing system for real estate agents

    Transparent Schedule

    You'll always know what content is going out on your behalf and when. You can easily see your upcoming and past posts, as well as identify the network and time of the posts. We only post the content that you approve.

  • Manage the posting frequency for your real estate social media posts

    Post at a Frequency You Choose

    Consistently posting to social media builds trust and credibility with your audience. With PropertySimple, you can adjust your posting speeds for each network and stay top of mind.

  • Social CRM – offered only by the best real estate social media marketing companies

    Take Action

    Social media interactions are the new networking. When you get a like, interaction, or comment on your PropertySimple posts, we capture that information and create a lead for your social CRM. We'll notify you when and give you suggestions on how to follow-up.

    More about the social CRM ›
  • Capture clients using our social media for real estate tools

    Capture Clients with Engaging Captions

    We're huge believers in the automation of social media content, however there is nothing as powerful as a handwritten caption by a real human. We'll guide you to write engaging captions for each piece of content before it posts.

    More about captions ›

Become the top agent on social media.

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