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Make Property Simpler

We're hard at work writing software that empowers real estate agents.
2016 Founded in Los Angeles
$3M + Funding
22 + Growing Passionate Team Members

“What would the real estate experience look like if we could reinvent it with today's technology?”

Great question.

In 2016 we put together an all star team to find out.

Today, thousands of real estate agents use our technology to market themselves and their properties on social media. We're also helping thousands of home buyers each day find the perfect home by collaborating with friends and family.

We're just getting started and would love for you to join us!

Meet our Team

We’re lucky to work with some of the best people in the world on one of the biggest challenges: updating real estate for the 21st century! Before joining PropertySimple, our team members have worked on startups and led teams at Tesla, Snapchat, Salesforce, Tinder, KB Homes, and Archdaily. Our team's unique perspective and life experience living and working around the world make for a great work environment.

Management and Advisors

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    Adrian Fisher
    Founder and CEO
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    Nathan Lustig
    Investor, Advisor
  • Image
    Neil Coleman
    Advisor, Ex SnapChat, AdRoll
  • Image
    Adrien Dupuis
    Head of Sales, Ex Tesla
  • Image
    Sam Ockman
    Board Member, Founder Penguin
  • Image
    Cecilia Pierola
    Director of Marketing
  • Image
    Dan Reich
    Advisor, Ex Salesforce, CEO Troops
  • Image
    Kacy Dennis
    CFO, Ex KB Homes
  • Image
    Hermione Way
    Head of Brand, Ex Tinder
  • Image
    Jie Hao
    Investor & Advisor
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We're always on the hunt for talented marketers, sales people, designers, and developers to join our team.

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