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No listings? No problem! Collections allow you to go from zero to hundreds of listings by marketing any listing in the country. See Pricing
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“PropertySimple made me look like a pro by allowing me to market the best listings in my area. With their help I closed my first deal.”

Christina Hogan, Keller Williams
It's all in the details

Here's Why Collections Work

  • Our system displays your contact information on properties you choose to market

    You're Always Present

    Your photo and contact information are front and center. Not only does your contact info appear on the Collection itself, but also on each property inside. Talk about exposure!

  • Appeal to niches in the real estate buyers' market

    Appeal to Niches

    Show potential clients that you understand their unique wants and needs. Win their business with a Collection of homes that fit their unique style such as "Desert Oasis."

  • Our system posts properties in your area to your social media accounts

    Personalized Content

    PropertySimple Collections are part of your content mix. That means we'll post them to your social accounts automatically at optimized times, showing them to thousands of potential clients with each post.

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  • Collaborate with your real estate buyers

    Collaborate with Buyers

    PropertySimple Collections take the hassle out of home-buying. Instead of switching between a ton of tabs and sorting through lists of links, Collections allow you to keep track of properties and collaborate with clients all within one simple platform.

Shake up your business with PropertySimple Collections!

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