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PropertySimple connects real estate agents with clients using the power of social media.

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  • Before PropertySimple

    • Ineffective and expensive traditional marketing tactics
    • Friends and family forget you're a real estate agent
    • Business losses to social media savvy agents
  • With PropertySimple

    • Lead the industry with videos and content optimized for social media
    • Friends and family come to you FIRST for real estate
    • Win more business than your competitors with our proven social media strategy
Join 1000s of agents from great brokerages around the country who use our real estate marketing tools.
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Hear from our satisfied customers

  • Marie Pohlman - Real Estate Agent | PropertySimple

    “Excellent marketing plan for my real estate business! PropertySimple helps me get my name out to a variety of buyers and sellers in my local market!”

    Marie P.
  • Eduardo Delgado - Real Estate Agent | PropertySimple

    “Relevant content. Excellent customer service. Great usability. I am very satisfied”

    J Edwardo D.
  • Dale Hudson - Real Estate Agent | PropertySimple

    “I really enjoy working with the PropertySimple team. Between my Collections of properties and helpful articles provided by PropertySimple, I am able to reach 1000s of people a month.”

    Dale H.
  • Michael Parker - Real Estate Agent | PropertySimple

    “I absolutely love everything about PropertySimple. If you aren’t using this tool for your business you are really missing out.”

    Michael P.
  • Sherri Parsons - Real Estate Agent | PropertySimple

    “So far, I have had a great experience with PropertySimple PRO! It posts some great content and information that makes my audience involved. I am loving it!”

    Sherri P.
  • Greg Anderson - Real Estate Agent | PropertySimple

    “They have so many creative ways of increasing your social media presence and brand awareness. I feel like they truly care only about me and my business success. I highly recommend PropertySimple.”

    Greg A.
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“PropertySimple has completely changed how I market myself and my clients' properties. With their help I have grown my business to over $10M a year as a solo agent.”

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