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How to Make Your Open House a Hit

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Today’s the big day — Open House Day! You’ve been thinking of selling your home for a while and now’s the time to show the neighborhood what your home’s got to offer. As a real estate agent, I’ve hosted my fair share of open houses as well as gone to many and there are definitely things I would (and wouldn’t) do to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Below are 5 ways you can make your open house a hit. Take notes!

1. Avoid candles.

While you might love the smell of vanilla or lavender, you never know if someone coming in to see your home might not approve. Keep it safe and stick to unscented candles so you don’t scare anyone away. Instead invest in a cleaning service to have the home smell fresh and clean without needing to mask it with an artificially flavored candle scent.

2. Close the toilet lids.

Don’t ask questions. Just do it! It is a small task to remember prior to the open house but goes a long way when visitors make their way to the master bath.

3. Declutter.

Even if it means pushing everything into one box and shoving it in the garage, get rid of excess stuff around the house. Note that visitors will be looking in closets and cabinets, so make sure everything is in order for when they arrive.

4. Take a walk.

If you are the owner of the house, don’t be present for the open house! Nothing is worse than having an overbearing homeowner sharing stories and acting overprotective of the space. Allow guests to come in and imagine the home as if it were their own. Do yourself (and everyone else a favor) and take a walk until the open house is a closed house!

5. Hire a great realtor!

Leave the open house execution to the professionals. As a real estate agent, I have witnessed many open houses and would be happy to help you with yours! It is my job to know to flip down the toilet lid and open the blinds to let light into the space. I also come with my own set of “just-in-case” items every realtor should have in their car — extra toilet paper, bottled water and a flashlight to name a few.

Find my contact information below to get started on the open house planning!

Jeff Fisher
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