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5 Ways Realtors Help Get your Home Market Ready

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Selling your house for top profit is no Sunday walk in the park. It is a time-consuming process that requires more effort than placing a “For Sale” sign in the yard. But, with the help of a good real estate agent, some simple planning and a bit of preparation, the work done is sure to pay off in the end.

1. It’s all about curb appeal.

First impressions, good or bad, are hard to shake when it comes to making a big investment. Homebuyers tend to judge a book by it’s cover, so the best way to impress them is to go for love at first sight.

I can help you decide which changes to make, such as investing in a new mailbox, painting or staining your home’s exterior or throwing a fresh coat of paint on your front door. You can even beautify your yard by planting some fragrant flowers.

When you spend time improving your home’s exterior, potential buyers are sure to be excited about what’s inside.

2. It’s important to clear out the clutter.

Before any prospective buyer comes to see your home, make sure to organize your space and pack away all of your personal belongings. Nobody wants the stress of a mess when looking to invest in a property. The more stuff you have laying around, the less space this person has to ignite their imagination and picture themselves, their family and their stuff taking up this space.

I’ll walk through your house with you and make suggestions to help get it in tiptop shape.

Remember, less is more.

3. It’s time for a home inspection.

To avoid encountering unwelcome surprises in the selling process, nip this step in the bum. Let’s get you set up with a home inspection before we even put your home on the market.

Not only will this reassure buyers, potentially leading to a faster close, but it may also help you save money. Simple repairs may allow us to sell your home at a higher price.

4. Let’s put a price on it.

Now that we’ve got your home in tip-top shape and ready to hit the market, it’s time to finally set the price tag. Putting an accurate price on your home is a complicated process and one we’ll want to take seriously. When doing this, many things should be taken into account including lot size, square footage and any recent repairs and renovations.

Luckily that’s what I’m here for. I know the market inside and out, and can provide you with a professional home valuation and price estimate.

5. Lastly, let’s get your home in “showing- shape.”

Last but not least, before each and every showing, we should make sure your home is looking spick and span, especially if you’re still living there during the selling process. I’ll make sure to remind you of all the little details, like taking out the trash, vacuuming the carpets, making the beds, wiping down the windows and washing the dishes.

A clean home is an attractive home and you don’t want to risk losing a buyer over something as small as dusty countertops!

Let’s follow these five simple steps together and our efforts are sure to pay off in selling your home quickly and profitably!

Jeff Fisher
(602) 531-0435
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