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Thomas Stewart
Cavalry Realty LLC1580 Robin Hood Drive Etters Pa 17319
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Thomas Stewart is the Broker of Record. Thomas has been a successful real estate agent
for the past 22 years. In 2007, Thomas earned his broker’s license and in May 2007, he
opened his own real estate business, Cavalry Realty LLC.

The company's motto is "We'll come to your rescue". This motto came about because of
the urgent calls he would receive from potential clients who were in desperate need of his services in selling their homes or in relocating and finding the home of their dreams.

Cavalry Realty LLC takes on the standard of the early U.S. military cavalry units which comprised soldiers that prided themselves on their ability to be mobile, well-trained, positive, enthusiastic, able to adapt their fighting stance to fit the situation, who were timely in their military support and crucial in being able to multiply the fighting value of even the smallest entity they assisted, allowing that entity to overcome and gain the victory in their situation.

With 22 years of real estate experience "under his belt", he has seen just about everything,
dealt with and solved a multitude of real estate issues and helped a small army of clients
achieve their goals and within their means, walking them through every step with
compassion and knowledge.



Looking to buy or sell a home?

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Thomas Stewart
Cavalry Realty LLC

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