My business took off after I embraced social media.

After embracing social media and PropertySimple’s suite of tools, Jeff grew his business from $1M to more than $10M in real estate sales in 2 years. He did this as a single agent without a team.
Real estate case study with Jeff Fisher

Over the last two years Jeff Fisher has cemented himself as one of the top real estate agents in the Phoenix, Arizona market. More than a million people have seen Jeff’s brand on social media since he signed up with PropertySimple’s top plan.

Jeff's Story

Jeff Fisher is a real estate agent with Re/Max Fine Properties in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jeff coldstarted his real estate business in 2014 after a long career working in local government. In 2015, he was selling less than a million in real estate. Jeff was primarily investing into supermarket dividers, paper flyers and door knocking and knew he needed a change.

“PropertySimple took the complexity out of building my brand on social media. I can’t imagine running my business without continuing to strengthening my brand on social media.”

Jeff Fisher, ReMax Fine Properties
Jeff's Goal

Jeff soon realized that he had to invest online to make it in real estate. He wanted to stand out from the crowd. But he wasn’t sure how to do it, where to invest and what services would have the highest impact. Jeff knew social media was important but he didn’t have the time to learn how to operate each social media network.

Jeff's Solution
Houses, Dogs, Doughnuts, Market Knowledge

As an early adopter at PropertySimple Jeff used the tool for what he knew best: showcasing amazing properties and providing local market knowledge for his potential clients. He mixed his real estate posts with two things he loved: doughnuts and dogs. He did this to keep himself human and provide a connection to his potential clients.

Jeff used PropertySimple to post Collections of properties like My favorites in Paradise Valley that showed off his market knowledge, to post his listings to social media, and to post white labeled articles to his network.

PropertySimple’s software made sure that Jeff posted interesting content about real estate in the right place, at the right time and at the right frequency.