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10 Hacks to Cut Down on Your Electricity Bill

Michael And Pasima Arikat
(707) 899-5282

Owning a home comes with its own set of hidden costs you might not anticipate until the bills come in the mail each month. Finding ways to reduce the cost of your electricity bill is one way to save money and the environment all at the same time. Below are 10 hacks you can do today to cut down your electricity bill tomorrow.

  1. Fix your leaky faucet
  2. Change your AC/heating filter regularly
  3. Avoid blocking vents
  4. Get a programmable thermostat
  5. Unplug all appliances when not in use
  6. Switch to LED lights
  7. Use cold water when doing laundry
  8. Air dry your dishes
  9. Turn off the lights!
  10. Use the ceiling fan instead of the AC

Did you find these hacks useful? Happy to discuss more ways you can save money as a homeowner. Contact me today!

Michael And Pasima Arikat
(707) 899-5282
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