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6 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Apartment

David Thomas
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Who says you can’t live large in a small space?

With these simple hacks, even the smallest of apartments can feel open and spacious!

1. Let in the light.

One of the easiest and most cost-friendly ways to give the illusion of more space is making use of light. Get more light into dark rooms by opening windows and doors. Avoid dark curtains or opaque shades to allow entry of natural sunlight. Use lamps, string lights, and other light fixtures to increase the brightness of a room.

2. Use the mirror effect.

Shiny surfaces reflect and amplify light, fool the eye and make your space look and feel bigger. Decorate your apartment with a variety of mirrors, textured metals and metallic design elements like gold door knobs or polished photo frames.

3. Make your rooms feel taller.

When floor space is minimal, instead of spreading out, try building up. Making use of your walls and leveraging height helps to add balance to small rooms and will draw eyes upwards, increasing space visually. Try installing wall mounted bookshelves or hanging vertical pegboards and adding shelving above workspaces or tables.

4. Master the art of organization.

Maximizing space is all about staying neat and organized. And instead of looking for ways to hide away all of your things, why not show off your awesome organizational skills? Instead of hiding away your belongings in drawers or boxes, display your beloved knick knacks and make organizing look good. Need ideas for stylish organization? Just scroll through Pinterest.

5. Be super selective.

On the topic of knick knacks- we all have items that hold sentimental value, but when living in an apartment, it’s important to really evaluate if keeping Mr. Snuggles is a top priority. It’s time to get the clutter under control. Give away or donate anything you don’t regularly use or particularly need to make room for those things that matter most- (even if that means keeping Mr. Snuggles).

6. Take advantage of multipurpose furniture.

When working with limited square footage, try to make use of furniture that serves more than one function. These versatile pieces can help conceal clutter, or even transform to serve another purpose when needed. Keep an eye out for creative space-saving furniture like storage ottomans, folding tables, sleeper sofas, and convertible chairs.

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David Thomas
(602) 763-6363
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