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5 Simple & Budget-Friendly Home Staging Tips

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Ready to sell your home, but stressing about getting it in tip-top shape to present to potential buyers?

Sure, selling your home will take some proper planning, but that’s what I’m here to help you with. Getting your home polished and prepared for showings may not be as difficult, or expensive as you thought.

Let’s take a look at a few easy and budget-friendly steps that we can take to make your property both irresistible and market-ready!

1. Pack Away Your Personal Belongings

When it comes to staging your home, less is always more. Clutter is not your friend. Pack up all of your personal items such as family photos, rugs, clothing, shoes, and children’s toys. The less miscellaneous junk you have laying around and taking up space in rooms, closets and storage areas, the larger these areas will seem. And if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that space sells.

Our main goal should be to leave enough open space for a buyer to imagine themselves and their own personal items in the home.

2. Rearrange & Make Use of Old Furniture

Home-staging does not mean that it is necessary to purchase a whole new set of expensive furniture. There are several ways to utilize items that you already own to keep your staging low-cost.

For example, let’s try rearranging your current furniture to create more open spaces in the room. If you have large, heavy pieces that occupy a lot of space in the rooms, consider storing them away. Bulky furniture can make a room look and feel a lot smaller than it actually is.

As you rearrange your furniture, let’s make sure we can walk freely across each room. In the case that we can’t, let’s move or store away the piece of furniture restricting our movement.

Also, if you have old, rundown or out-of-style pieces of furniture in your home, instead of replacing them, we can try covering them with a nice throw blanket or buying a low-cost furniture cover which will make them seem like new.

3. Repaint the Walls

When selling a home, it’s a good idea to consider repainting the majority of rooms and walls in neutral colors. Consider covering any walls painted in strong or bright colors with more subdued tones like beige, cream, white or grey. Using neutral paint colors also presents a fantastic opportunity to highlight areas in the room with staging pieces.

If any walls are cracked or paint is peeling, faded or chipping, let’s throw on a fresh coat of paint. It’s also important to paint the master bedroom in a neutral color as we’ll want to make sure we’re appealing to both sexes.

Repainting is sure to give your home a quick refresh and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

4. Pay Attention to Lighting

One of the easiest steps to take when preparing your property for sale on a low budget is improving visibility and enhancing your lighting. This can be done inexpensively by checking to see that all lamps, light fixtures, and furnishings are in good condition. Purchase quality clear bulbs and let’s make sure all rooms have good visibility even when it’s dark outside. Change out old lampshades and open all blinds and window shades.

Presenting your home in the best light will not only make it feel larger but also warmer and more inviting.

5. Give Your Space a Wipe Down

It’s no secret that home buyers will be paying extra close attention when coming to see your home, before considering a purchase. They’re likely to be hypersensitive and seek out any visible flaws, noticing everything from dust on the ceiling fan to smudges on the windows.

To avoid any distractions, give your place a thorough clean before showing it. Scrub down grimy bathroom and kitchen tiles and put out fresh towels. Steam drapes, vacuum carpets, and dust all surfaces. Also, wash all windows and mirrors to make sure they sparkle and shine!

If you’re not the ‘deep-cleaning’ type, we can hire someone to do it for you. Trust me, it will be worth the investment.

Let’s work together to complete these simple and budget-friendly tips and make sure your home sells fast!

David Thomas
(602) 763-6363
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