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10 Lemon Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

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Whether you’re getting ready to show your house or you’re just looking to keep things fresh, below are 10 lemon-cleaning-home-hacks that are quick, easy and eco-friendly.

1. Ant Spray

Squeeze lemon into a small bottle and spritz over a trail of ants when they on their daily commute. The smell will disorientate their path and keep them from following each other.

2. Sink Cleaner

Cut a lemon in half and rub over kitchen and bathroom appliances made with chrome. This will completely remove the hard water stains and leave everything sparkly and fresh.

3. Weed Killing Spray

First mix lemon juice, vinegar and boiling water. Let the temperature set and when it’s warm, throw this mix into a spray bottle and go to town on all the pesky weeds outside your door.

4. Garbage Disposal Sanitizer

With an ice tray, add water, vinegar and a lemon peel. Freeze overnight and in the morning throw these magic cubes into your garbage disposal to sanitize and deodorize.

5. Dishwasher Refresher

Before you throw away a used half-cut lemon wedge, place it in the dishwasher with your dirty dishes. When it’s time to put the dishes away, open the dishwasher and take a whiff of your lemon-scented tableware.

6. Shoe Deodorizer

Face it- we all get stinky feet sometimes. Place a few lemon peels into your shoes/your kid’s shoes and transform the stench into something bearable.

7. Cutting Board Disinfectant Spray

Pour a little salt on the cutting board and with the juicy side of a half-cut lemon, and start scrubbing the salt into the cutting board. This will disinfect the cutting board when used to cut meat products.

8. Fridge Freshener

Smelly fridge? No bueno. Squeeze lemon juice on a cotton swab and place it in the fridge for the day. Take it out the next day and smell the difference.

9. Microwave Cleaner

Squeeze a lemon into one cup of water and place the cup in the microwave for 3 minutes. Take the cup out and wipe away the grime without a fight.

10. All-Purpose Cleaner

White distilled vinegar is the secret to all your problems (Don’t believe me? Ask your Grandma). Combine vinegar, water and lemon juice and put it into a spray bottle to create an antibacterial elixir. The lemon cuts the stench from the vinegar and can be used on almost all surfaces (except marble as it will cut the natural stone).

Were these tips helpful? Let me know! Reach out using my contact information below.

David Thomas
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